Mosaic Art Glass Lamp - Enchanted Angel 1
Clear Quartz Crystal, Smokey Amethyst and Flourite

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$125 + S&H and insurance

Light up your heart, expand your consciousness,body, soul and free your Spirit! Radiate your Life and home with this expansive sparkling mosaic art lamp!

Created with clear quartz crystal, smoky amethyst and flourite. This luminous channeled design is infused with the high frequency of 528 hz

It is designed to be Ultra Healing Vibration to gracefully shift you into 5D Ascension. Let this Enchanted Angel of Light bring you an expanded consciousness, peace of mind, and a happy heart! Claim your very own unique one of a kind piece of Heaven on Earth!

It is created on a smooth hand blown frosted glass painted on all sides with hand painted and covered in mosaic glass design on the front only.

The bulb is inside with an open top to be able to change out the light and includes a 4 ft white cord with a toggle switch.

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