Keys to Ascension

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The Global Circle of Everlasting Love Community Movement

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OM Expansive Soul Consciousness Mosaic Glass
OM Expansive Soul Consciousness Graphic Design

Circle of Everlasting Love Mosaic Glass
Circle of Everlasting Love Graphic Design

Empowerment of Forgiveness Mosaic Glass
(still in process)
Empowerment of Forgiveness Graphic Design

Living in Gratitude Mosaic Glass
Living in Gratitude Graphic Design

Living in Love Mosaic Glass (still in process)
Living in Love Graphic Design

Twin Flame Infinite Love Mosaic Glass
Twin Flame Infinite Love Graphic Design

Unified Universal Heart Mosaic Glass (still in process)
Unified Universal Heart Graphic Design

Power of Peace Mosaic Glass (still in process)
Power of Peace Graphic Design

Global Harmony Mosaic Glass (still in process)
Global Harmony Graphic Design

Beauty Mosaic Glass (still in process)
Beauty Graphic Design (still in process)

Blessings of Grace Mosaic Glass (still in process)
Blessings of Grace Graphic Design (still in process)

Abundant Prosperity Mosaic Glass
Abundant Prosperity Graphic Design

The Keys of Ascension series are directly related to the movement of The Circle of Everlasting Love. Each of the keys are divinely channeled specific energetic graphic signatures to shift you from the lower frequency of fear into the higher frequency of love.

Our Spiritual goal is Universal Oneness. To reach our goal we need to continually be Expansive Soul Consciousness. To be that we need to empower ourselves through forgiveness and live in gratitude.

This brings about a unified universal heart and the power of Peace and spiritual oneness; which then allows us to joyfully join in the Circle of Everlasting Love. As the circle grows we move into Unifed Global Harmony where Beauty, Grace and Abundant Prosperity are the natural state of living as Divine Magnificence!
Each high frequency design is channeled first into a mosaic glass piece and then reproduced as a graphic design and printed on window decal, tote bag, cap, throw pillow, coffee mug, Tshirt, sticker format and more are divinely channeled designs to specificly awaken super consciousness. They will help you to transform your base human frequency to your highest Ascended frequency of the Magnificent Soul you are!

You can benefit from their value directly by wearing them over your heart chakra as a Tshirt, or as a ball cap over third eye and crown chakra; where the energy is being impressed upon you; as well as visible for many others to see and absorb. The tote bag symbolizes you carrying that particular energy again for your own upliftment and visible for others to be impacted by and resonate to the same high freqency. The mugs regardless of what drink you use them to consume; will take on the blueprint and imprint the high frequency energy dircting into your beverage to deliver it into your body. The window decals are on a transparent background to allow light to enhance the image and can be displayed in any flat surfaced window where you wish to share the precious energy with anyone entering your home, your neighbors or the public. The throw pillows can be displayed in your home as well to assist with grounding in the high frequencies into your family's space.

All are specific tools to remind you to be present with what you really want; each holds a specific energy to help you be mindful to unplug from the old negative blueprint and implant the higher frequency resonate to and aligned with Ascension where you express your natural divne spirit and will be in harmony with unified, universal oneness and participate in the circle of everlasting love.

Presently there are four designs manifest and ready for you. The others are in progress.

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The Circle of Everlasting Love Community. Join the your divine magnificent spirit, live in your natural state, enjoy abundant prosperity and commit to Oneness!

Together we are raising our consciousness to the expansiveness of Soul/Spirit. We are moving out of fear into love. This is Ascension; where we know no boundaries or limitations.

Presently, there is a great deal of havoc in the world brought about as we purge our lower frequency blueprints and unplug from all that we do not want. This is resulting in fearful divisiveness; as many unconsciously continue to be trapped in an illusion of separation; where they suffer from amnesia of thier true Spirit and judgement of others due to perceived differences. This plagues the unconscious and can influence the conscious with the lower freqency of anger over the judgment of variations of opinions, thoughts, feelings, actions, and appearances of others. There is no other...there is only One! One heart, one mind, one love and one Spirit of which each of us is a uniquely individulaized expression of.

Yet together in a Circle of Everlasting Love; as Spirit; who already knows Oneness; we can overcome all the lower ego personality that is threatening even more harm to ourselves, each other and our planet! We can slay the three headed dragon of judgement, anger and blame through forgiveness of self and all others.

We can obtain the power of peace and acheive Unified Universal Oneness!

We begin by going beyond just desire to actual intention.  We take action by committing to participating in  the The Global Circle of Everlasting Love.  Join now for the support you need and the support you can give.

We ascend to Oneness through our Expansive Soul/Spirit Consciousness. by raising our frquency beyond the lover imprinted blueprints of fear; where anger, judgement, blame and non forgiveness reside.  Raising your frequency to align with your all expansive spirit consciousness allows you to live in a never ending circle of everlasting love where peace of mind, a happy heart, good health and abundant wealth are not just possible but probable; because this is your natural state of being.

We all desire it...NOW is the time to intend it to be so! Participate with those who also wish to gravitate to and resonate with the company of mindful masters of their universe. 

Join The Global Circle of Everlasting Love on Facebook and then invite others to join so we can reach our Spiritual Goal of Oneness.

The tools provided on this page as divinely channeled designs holding the high frequency of each Key of Ascension. They are printed on multiple formats not just for you but to spread and share with others; the higher frequency through the vehicle of visible art to help uplift each and everyone who encounters them.